IOTYS is a study and consulting company in embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

Specialist in radio sensor networks, IOTYS provides engineering services to create your systems and smart devices.


Studies, consulting

IOTYS assists you in analyzing your needs to bring you the right technological solution.

Study, design, prototyping, implementation, certification, ready to manufacture.

Internet of things

IOTYS designs and manufactures products based on the latest connected radios communication technologies (LowEnergy Bluetooh, ZigBee, ZWave, LongRange, 3G / 4G).

We choose the most suitable technology for your products.



IOTYS manufactures and supplies electronic products and softwares which simplify your development, to reduce your time to market for the Internet of Things. 


Customers claim to be heard and that their views and recommendations are taken into account. We make the product with you from its analysis to its delivery.


We use proven methods for monitoring of your project and the realization of it to ensure the results you expect.


Our customers are our best sellers. We take care to satisfy them by delivering quality work on time and within budget.